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The mission of the California Dental Society of Anesthesiology is to provide a forum for education and achievement in order to promote safe and effective patient care for all dentists who have an interest in anesthesiology, sedation and the control of anxiety and pain.

Next Meeting

March 7, 2018
Los Angeles

March 8, 2018
San Jose

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Executive Director
Susan Leslie Smith
8236 Garibaldi Ave
San Gabriel CA 91775-2436
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Gary H Chan DDS
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Christine L Quinn DDS MS            
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Henry Bennett DDS               
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Immediate Past President
Alan H Kaye DDS
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310-275-9054 Fax 

Newton C Gordon DDS MS           
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Dan Hilton DDS
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Robert L Merin DDS MS                 
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Andreia Minasian Silvera DDS MS
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Lenny Naftalin DDS                                    
310-795-5027 Tel
310-578-1647 Fax
David L Rothman DDS                   
415-333-6811 Tel 
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